Outing Class 7th Grade
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Developing leadership and cooperation from self experience

That morning, Tuesday, February 11th, 2020, 7th grade students were getting ready for dawn prayer, after coming down from the mosque; they were immediately welcomed by their respective mayors for breakfast that had been determined in several places.
After breakfast, they gathered in the central field for a briefing with Romo Kyai Nurcholish Misbah, and then proceeded to the Babadan Asri Regency to take the bus, which had been parked there.
We, a group of 7 buses, departed from school at exactly 6:00 a.m., traveling around 2.5 hours. At 08.30 we arrived at the location of the outing class,it’s Campgrounds Cuban Rondo

Arriving at the Cuban Rondo campsite, students were given ice breaking.
Seeing the definition of Ice Breaking which is a process so that an action does not saturate, then Ice breaking activities can become indispensable in many activities not only in the teaching and learning process. However, Ice Breaking can also be done when out bonding or outdoor activities. Including can also be done when doing mutual cooperation activities.
The purpose of Ice Breaking in other Outbound Activities is to provide opportunities for participants to introduce themselves to each other, to get to know each other before starting outbound activities. This ice breaking session is usually a light and pleasant preliminary session. Ice breaking is also prepared to provide opportunities for participants to get to know each other and reduce barriers that may arise. Many also say if the success or failure of an outbound training program depends on this Ice Breaking.
After the ice breaking activity, students were divided into 4 groups of boys and 6 groups of girls. They all have to go through several posts, which will have a challenge game on each post. The challenge games are

1. Helium stick

Simple and deceptive, but a game that has the power to teach how to work together and communicate in small to medium sized groups
Game procedures:
- Divide the group into two lines that face each other.
- Introducing Helium Stick - a long, thin, light stick.
- Ask participants to pull out their index fingers and spread their arms forward.
- Place the Helium Stick above their fingers. Ask the group members to equalize the height of their fingers so that the Helium Stick extends straight (horizontally) and all indexes touch the stick.
- Explain that the challenge is to lower the Helium Stick stretched above their fingers to the ground.
- The catch: Everyone's index finger must still touch the Helium Stick during the game. Participants must not clamp or hold the Helium Stick.The Helium Stick must lie straight above the index fingers of all participants.
- Always remind participants that if one index finger is could not touch the Helium Stick, the game will be repeated. Start the game.
- Warning: Especially in the early stages of the game, the Helium Stick has a mysterious habit of 'flying' up rather than down, inviting lots of laughter. A little joke will help you, for example, pretend to be surprised and ask participants what they are doing, why the Helium Stick is raised up and not down as instructed. To dramatize.
- At the beginning of the game participants can feel confused about the paradoxical nature of the Helium Stick.
- Some groups or some participants (mostly in large groups) after 5 to 10 minutes of trying can be inclined to give up, because they feel the challenge is impossible or too difficult to do.
- The facilitator can give direct advice or ask participants to stop the game, discuss strategies and start playing again.?
- Sometimes there are groups that succeed very quickly. Keeps a close eye on the fingers not touching the stick, Also make sure the participants lower the stick until it really touches the ground. You can increase the level of difficulty of the game by inserting a ring at each end of the stick and informing participants that the rings must not fall during the game or the game will be repeated from the beginning.?
- In the end, the group needs to calm down and concentrate, and very slowly, and with great patience they will be able to lower the Helium Stick - harder than you can imagine.

2. Lost member / puzzle

- Playing a puzzle is able to focus the little one's concentration power in solving a problem, thus helping him think from various points of view putting together puzzle pieces.
- The more difficult the puzzle is arranged, and then the students will think harder to solve the problem.
- In playing the puzzle the little one picks and moves the puzzle pieces without having to make the game broken.
- That way they will improve his fine motor skills and gross motor skills. If more and more skills will help motor skills such as writing, eating, and moving more flexible.
- Playing a puzzle certainly requires focus to arrange the pictures in the sections that have been provided.
- From this, students are running the patience process to find ways to complete the game.

3. High rope
- Guiding participants to make quick decisions.
- Exercising courage.
- Change the mindset.?
- Give new experience to outbound participants.?
- Increase and build confidence.?
- Have a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of others.

4. Crawling

- Able to accept criticism from others.
- Task planning.
- Innovative and improfitious abilities in assignments.
- Able to be oriented towards task objectives.
- Learning to be responsible for the task at hand.

5. Electric Fun

- Builds confidence and courage.
- Planning time in action.
- Learn to make strategies in acting. In each group, it is certain to have members with different weight. Therefore, in this game participant must set a strategy on how to not have difficulty in removing the group members who are the heaviest and the heaviest in size.
- Build group cohesiveness.
- Can stimulate creativity.

6. Alcatras

- Improve Coordination.
- Improve Problem Solving Skills.
- Improve Memory.
- Increase Attention and Concentration.
- Good Learning Resources.
- Increase Brain Speed When.
- Improve Multitasking Skills.
- Improve Social Skills.

8. Flying fox.

Flying fox, maybe we take for granted. Some people assume 'What is the benefit of flying fox, don't you just drop yourself from a height by using existing equipment?'
Yes, maybe you are right, but you are also wrong. Every activity must have a benefit; you think where do you get a lot of courage in dealing with a problem?
Maybe one of these kinds of games indirectly gives good qualities to us all.
In life, courage is a fatal problem if left thin.
Sometimes we need high courage in dealing with a serious problem, especially when two big choices arise, which requires us to choose one of life's choices and take our own risks. People who do not have enough courage will probably give up and worst of all he could end his life because they think his life is not important anymore.
The seven challenge games are divided into two sessions, which are interspersed with the Jama’ prayer and lunch.
The game ends at 16:30, and this outbound activity ends with a barbecue-themed dinner.
At 18.00 we left the Cuban Rondo campsite and continued our journey to the Ceng Hoo mosque. At 19.30 we arrive at Masjid Ceng Ho, and we prayed  Jama' prayer there, after praying, we shopped in the market area around the Ceng Hoo mosque, at 20.30 we returned to Al-Amanah Modern College. At 22.00 we arrived at Al-Amanah Modern College safely

By : Ninis Fauziyah


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